Campaign Objectives

Capital Improvement:
As the State Technical College of Missouri continues a rapid pace of program expansion and enrollment increases, the need for new facilities and building renovation is inevitable. No new state-funded facilities have been built on the campus since 2010. Keeping existing facilities in good repair has been challenging with sparse state appropriations.

Equipment Enhancements:
To meet business and industry’s workforce demands for highly skilled technicians, the State Technical College of Missouri routinely acquires new equipment.

Funding is needed to equip classrooms, laboratories and facilities with the latest equipment and tools necessary to adequately prepare tomorrow’s technicians. Donations for equipment enhancements provide matching funds to purchase and update the equipment. Matching funds are available for additional program development through two grants with the state of Missouri – an Enhancement Grant with a 25 percent match and a Trade and Industry Grant with a 50 percent match. Private support to match these grants gives the College the flexibility it needs to adapt to the changing needs of business and industry.

Endowment funds allow the State Technical College of Missouri to confidently navigate inevitable ups and downs in the economy and state support, while continuing to meet the changing needs of its students and industry.

Scholarship Endowment
As enrollment continues to increase at the State Technical College of Missouri, scholarship funding continues to be a priority to ensure the success of our students. Giving to the College’s scholarship endowment allows deserving students to afford the escalating cost of higher education.

Technology Endowment
An information technology fund will allow for campus computer technology upgrades, classroom instructional technology and classroom video conferencing equipment. Giving to the technology endowment allows the State Technical College of Missouri to provide students, faculty and staff with the computer technology and resources they need to achieve academic excellence.